Yasmin Hariri

Refugee Student, Syria

Yasmin Hussein Mohammad Hariri left her home in Syria in mid-2012, as the ceasefire attempts collapsed and fighting intensified. She was 22 years old.

Her family did not anticipate a long stay in Jordan, so they did not seek out much support. But as the war at home progressed they decided to register with UNHCR. They accepted coupons and began to also accept their new status as refugees. However, for Yasmin accepting this fact was not as difficult as the feeling of being powerless to help other people. She said, “I believe that being a refugee is not when you leave your home country; it is when you are in your home country and not able to give to others around you”.

This desire to contribute to others stayed with her, so getting an education was her first priority in Jordan. However, while she qualified to study for a Higher National Diploma Level 5, unfortunately Yasmin could not secure a place due to a lack of funds. Instead, she applied for a SPARK scholarship and was successful. This allowed her to study an Interior Design major at Al-Quds College in Amman, Jordan. Here, she gained a wealth of new knowledge over the 9 months, particularly within planning skills.

When asked whether she wished to return to her home country once the conflict is over, she exclaimed,

“Yes, I wish! I will go back as soon as I can. I hope that I will be able to learn and earn as much experience as I can so that I can help others and pass on this knowledge to them. One day, we will rebuild Syria, and I will use my knowledge and skills.”


Yasmin’s story inspired us to feature her as one of the #IGNITE2016 Inspirational Individuals. The IGNITE Conference will be held on 16th November, 2016 at Beurs van Berlage, on ‘Tackling Instability, Radicalisation and Forced Migration’. See here for more information about speakers and workshops

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