Suzan Ismail

Student, Turkey

Suzan was young when she left Syria. At 15, she was living alone for the first time in her life, separated from her family but still clinging to the hope of continuing her education, despite the war she left behind.

After arriving in Turkey, she struggled to settle at the refugee camp because the lack of opportunities to work or study left her feeling disheartened. “There was no proper education and no ambition to study. People were frustrated there,” Suzan explained. “I thought, as a woman, I particularly need to get an education because one day we will go back to our country and my country needs educated women to raise its next-generation”.

Now 22, Suzan was readily accepted for a vocational scholarship in Medical Laboratory Studies at Kahramanmaras Sütçüimam University three years ago and will graduate this year. For her, going into the health sector was especially important having witnessed first-hard the urgent need for medical professionals in Syria. “I think this is one of the best majors to choose,” she said with pride, “thanks to my education, I can provide immediate assistance to patients”.

University has also gifted Suzan with a close network of friends and she spends most of her time them or in the library studying. After graduation, she plans to enroll in a Bachelor’s programme in Biology to further her scientific career. She wants to be ready to assist in the rebuilding of her country when the time comes.

Suzan is an example of how difficult situations can be overcome by being resilient and having a goal. In her own words: “Don’t let difficulties derail your dreams”.

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