Suad Abdulghafar

Asian Jalf, Yemen

Whilst both Suad and her husband hold university degrees, they have struggled to find a job to support themselves and their child. The couple relied heavily on the support of their relatives and they have also found themselves in increasing debt.  SPARK’s UNDP funded Youth Economic Empowerment Programme (YEEP) in Yemen has supported Suad and her husband with business training. They are now thrilled that they have been able to start their business ‘Asian Jalf’, a delivery service in Taiz, ‘This project changed my life, my husband is running my business and we now have an income.  We can afford our daily expenses and start repaying our debts.’

‘My husband was trying so hard to find a job. He was intermittently working in farming or construction, but this was not enough to cover our needs and our debt was increasing. People were refusing to lend us money because they knew that we may not be able to repay them’ said Suad.  SPARK’s YEEP programme aims to empower people, with a particular focus on women, who face challenges in accessing opportunities during times of conflict.

Suad enrolled in the various courses and trainings offered by YEEP. Through the project Suad was able to learn about the technicalities and skills required for a successful business. She has now set up a Tok Tok service with her husband which aims to deliver essential goods to people in her community.  The conflict and with it the unstable environment made such services especially difficult to maintain. Despite these challenges Suad and her husband have successfully built a network of customers, increased their marketing strategy and ultimately their sales.


What is your personal ambition?

My ambition is to develop myself and my abilities through the courses and studies, and get new experience and skills in the business field. Now I’m able to practice all the activities that I aspire to. My main goal now is to be an international business trainer in the field of trade, but also to be tender and managerial female. Women are no less than men, because we are able to do things with elegance. Also, women can manage and control her affairs because she is the builder and mother of generations.  

What impact do you see your business making?

To raise my family’s income and to feel satisfied when I provide my community with services which makes living in a conflict situation easier. Everyone in my community can benefit from a safe and fast delivery of goods to their businesses, which also help keep more business here open.

How do you see the future of your business?

The business is still very young, so I see the full development of the business a long way off. We will be working in small steps, but for now our life has become better than before. In the future I aspire to extend my business horizontally and vertically to support my community to help them move out of poverty. For me, life is perseverance and that comes with patience, prioritization and correct time management. My ambitious is to support a strong future generation who are able to face all challenges and will bring our countries’ glory and history back.

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