Souad Nanaa

Sama for All, Europe

Souad Nanaa left Syria in her youth and built up 25 years of expertise in the Middle East and the Gulf. Her long career included professional experience with major brands as a Business Development Executive and Sales and Marketing Manager. In her spare time Souad participated in civil society, working with various NGOs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Despite her professional and personal competencies, and being able to speak 4 languages, including Arabic, English, French and Italian, the war in her home country meant that she had nowhere to return to when her contract expired in the UAE. Souad flew to France and became a refugee. She was confronted with unexpected obstacles, like finding a job. In 2018, she joined Singa France, a partner of SPARK’s programme, The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-ups (THSN).

The programme supported her in launching her own non-profit enterprise, Sama for All. The goal of the organisation is to facilitate the integration of refugees, and support them in finding work in the French cultural sector. Souad, using her skills in business development and management, trains the newcomers in cultural mediation and how to
become tour guides in French, as well their mother tongues.

Listen to Souad describe how her experiences within her career, becoming a refugee and an entrepreneur in a new culture helps her to help others find sociocultural and economic integration:

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