Salvator Ntukamazina

Good Bread, Burundi

Salvator Ntukamazina runs a small bakery Good Bread in Nyakazi, near Rumonge in Burundi. The  enterprise  was started by 15 members. What is very interesting, is that the members were gathered from various backgrounds, among them ex-combatants and returned refugees, who are now able to support their families. The bakery produces bread and donuts that are sold to shops in the area and the local marketplace.

All 15 founding members are part time employees of the business, where they are assigned to their separate duties and tasks for the Good Bread: from selling and distribution of the goods to buying ingredients and actual baking of the bread.



  • 2012
    Active since
  • 15
    Jobs created

What is your personal ambition?

To be supplying all bread for our commune.

What impact do you see your business making?

The first impact has been on us, the members. We have learned many new skills needed to run bakery. We feel very proud to introduce ourselves as people who have skills and are earning a living.

How do you see the future of your business?

We need to strategise about how to increase quantity without sacrificing too much quality. Unfortunately, we already notice that our market is much more concerned on how big rather than how good.

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