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My name is Salome Lartey and I am a Ghanaian by birth. I have a diploma in Tourism management and have lived in Amsterdam for the past 20 years. I have gained quite a lot of experience in the travel industry as I have worked with 3 different travel agencies for about 4 years in the Netherlands which include Salsa tours, Sajub agency and Raff Consult travels. Through my own agency, Step by Step Travel and Tours, I will put together excellent travel packages including all inclusive packages with flights, hotels and the full tour experience included at affordable prices for my clients. In the future I see my business growing as tourism is the 3rd industry in Ghana which brings in the most revenue in the country. The business environment in Ghana is an advantage and my market strategy will be based on ensuring that customers know about our existence and the quality services we fulfill.

My training with SPARK has given me tremendous insight into starting my own business which I had never thought of or taken into consideration before. The most valuable skills I have learnt are writing a good business plan as well as putting together the financial plan for the business plan. I have benefited so much from this training and it has given me the road map to success for my business which I am about to step in. Though I am confident about the future there are many challenges in establishing a business; one being location. I often call Ghana to seek information about how the tourism industry is faring but the response from my family and friends is that they have no time to do the research on my behalf. Sometimes, they ask for money for transportation but at the end of the day, they don’t carry out my assignments. The hardest part is looking for investors and reliable partners to work with. Currently my business is at an introductory stage. My next step is to go and a conduct a market research of the tourism industry in Accra.

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What is your personal ambition?

My personal ambition is to start my own business in my country of origin, Ghana. What made me want to start my own business is that I have completed and obtained my diploma in Tourist Management in The Netherlands. Having worked in 3 different travel agencies, I have acquired much knowledge and experience in the tourism industry. I want to start my own travel and tour business in Accra, the capital of Ghana. I plan to travel to Ghana this summer to conduct my market research in Ghana on the tourism industry there.

What impact do you see your business making?

My business can create an unforgettable travel experience for tourists who come from The Netherlands to visit Ghana for their exchange programmes, mainly students from Inholland universities, as well as other tourists who are inspired to come. I hope to create jobs for the people in my community and to bring an increase of foreign exchange. I want my business to promote and showcase all that Ghana has to offer.

How do you see the future of your business?

I foresee my business to start making some profits in the next 3 years. I want to continuously provide enjoyable quality excursions and trips on time and on budget of my clients. I hope to create a business that satisfies my customers at all times and establish my presence in the tourism market for long term profit and growth.

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