Pascaline Batis

Kaze Restaurant, Burundi

Situated next to the Rumonge market in the south of Burundi, Kaze restaurant opened in 2011 by Pascaline Batis.  Pascaline, who worked in a pharmacy in the same compound where she opened her restaurant realised that the location was good for a restaurant, and remembers that  “people would always pass and stop at the pharmacy where I worked and ask if there would be a restaurant near by”.  Opening with only one employee, the owner and cook, the restaurant, which offers traditional Burundian food, has become one of the most famous in Rumonge and a ‘go to’ for most travelers to stop. Her restaurant has grown ever since, she now has eight employees and has approximately fifty clients a day. During weekends it can go up to hundred clients a day. Pascaline is currently part of the SPARK supported rural innovation and training centre in Rumonge and is focused on getting her new bakery venture underway and following trainings for the growth of the Kaze restaurant since October 2012.

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What is your personal ambition?

I would like to continue providing quality food for Rumonge and as well as begin offering quality baked goods from a bakery.

What impact do you see your business making?

Even though my restaurant is small, my restaurant has had an impact on the socioeconomic life of Rumonge. I have added value in a small town by providing jobs and now there is even another good restaurant where visitors and residents can go.

How do you see the future of your business?

I see my business expanding and not only there will be a restaurant, which I am planning on reshaping but also a bakery will be opened.

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