Nujjum Jammac Sacid

Jazmine Café and Snack , Somalia

When Nujjum started Jasmine Café and Snack in November 2011, she was the sole entrepreneur and investor. The business sells daily dietary staples such as Somali tea, Ethiopian coffee, cold drinks, snacks and confectioneries and bread. The enterprise showed great promise of being able to satisfy its clientèle’s needs, and though initially the business started out as just a small place to have afternoon coffee and tea, it quickly grew into a medium sized café. Nujjum’s clientèle are mainly local youth and young adults who wish to relax and enjoy Ethiopian coffee, something which is highly prized amongst the Hargeisa people. More recently Nujjum began selling home made bread and cakes, products which are foreseen to give a boost to current business, as these health conscious products are unique to the region. Nujjum feel that the quality of her baked goods showcases her business as being modern and innovative.

Business expansion is envisaged as Nujjum aims to begin producing the breads and cakes which have become such a favourite of my clientèle on a larger scale to reach more clients. She hopes to upgrade the business into an medium sized enterprise which produces packaged baked products. Nujjum finds marketing the products to be the most challenging part of the business, a difficulty she attributes to market segmentation. Further complications come from determining clientèle preference and sourcing high quality ingredients, such as fresh eggs, which are costly and difficult to source in Hargeisa. The positives outweigh the negatives though; Nujjum loves the creativity and freedom she has in the kitchen, testing new recipes for her products and experimenting with textures, flavours and shapes. Client satisfaction is important to Najjum, and so far she has received very positive feedback: My clients assure me that if I begin mass producing they will remain loyal customers. I am proud of our clients’ satisfaction, that they appreciate my creativity”.

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What is your personal ambition?

I have a passion for baking creatively way. It was my creativity that started me off making organic bread using cheese and butter. My ambition was further fueled by friends who tasted my products and were delighted with them and encouraged me to go in to business. I realized my products were superior to other local competitors and opened a small coffee place where I could sell them. My current ambition is to offer my healthy, sweet and crunchy baked goods on larger scale by means of mass production.

What impact do you see your business making?

In Somalia many people suffer from diabetes due to the high consumption of sugar in our diet. The organic bread which I bake provides a healthy alternative without compromising on taste. I hope my products will help change people’s attitudes towards improving their diet. Also When I begin mass producing my products it will create new jobs for youth and women in the community, which in turn will increase sources of livelihoods. The increased revenue from sales will be reinvested in local produce, strengthening local agricultural supply chains, which again will generate more jobs in the community.

How do you see the future of your business?

I see plenty of business opportunities opening up in the future. I hope that when I begin packaging my products, my brand will become a household name in Somaliland and in neighbouring countries. I hope that as this happens my business will contribute to decreasing the monopoly of foreign products in Somaliland, which are expensive and low quality. I also hope that by employing local people, they will develop skills through which will enrich the local jobs market, increasing sources of livelihood in Hargiesa

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