Nduwimana Virginie

Restaurant Sangwe, Burundi

Nduwimana Virginie, the owner of Restaurant Sangwe in Rumonge, began her entrepreneurial journey after observing and hearing complaints from traders in Rumonge over the lack of affordable and hygiene friendly restaurants in town. With the support of her family and friends, Madame Virginie developed a business plan and received a loan to open up a restaurant which met the needs of traders who could not afford to travel home or buy lunch in pricey restaurants which were generally geared towards making a profit off tourists who frequented the busy town.

Currently Madame Virginie employs 10 workers and through training has built the capacity of 50 workers who are currently employed in restaurants around Rumonge.

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What is your personal ambition?

My ambition is to provide delicious food and excellent customer service for my clients through building the capacity of my workers.

What impact do you see your business making?

On top of its catering services, Restaurant Sangwe offers trainings for chefs and waiters from other restaurants in Rumonge. By training them, we are certain that we can rely on them when we get contracted to cater for big functions. Not only do they benefit from the income they earn in these events but their employers as well as the people in Rumonge benefit from their acquired knowledge in cooking and customer service when they visit the restaurants they work for.

How do you see the future of your business?

I am saving to buy my own land so that I can build a restaurant which can accommodate at least 100 people. Rumonge is a touristic area so I am also planning to invest in quality equipment so that I may deliver timely and quality service.

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