Martha Wuo

Samatta God’s Favor Enterprise, Liberia

Martha Wuo is yet another motivated and hardworking Liberian business woman. Her professional journey started in the Ivory Coast where she tried several different ventures before finally setting foot on the right path and find herself in the food business in Liberia.

Primarily and in order to build up her vocational skills she enrolled in several trainings and courses in the Ivory Coast: from catering to soap making and hair dressing.

After successfully finishing all three courses and occasionally working for different organizations to polish her skills, she decided to put her professional expertise into entrepreneurship activities. Her dream was to contribute to the economic scene in Liberia and hence tackle unemployment.

In 2015, after four years of undeniable effort and perseverance, she finally founded ‘Samatta God’s Favor Enterprise’ in Liberia. The mission of which was to transform raw local products into healthy and tasty consumer goods, in other words, to produce coconut and ginger chips. “I started my business primarily because it was profitable. But also to create jobs for my fellow community members.”

Along the way Martha was introduced to the Business in a Box/E-Plus programme by Single Spark and SPARK. The programme was a great opportunity for Martha to polish her management skills and further expand her business. During her trainings, Martha gained a set of valuable skills such as how to keep business records, develop business strategies, do marketing and produce brochures.

‘Samatta’s God’s Favor’ is a for-profit enterprise. Its mission, however, is not limited to keeping its customers healthy and happy. It also aims to connect those communities and producers of healthy affordable products and create jobs for many Liberians. “My goal is to be a great entrepreneur and carry more people out of poverty and thus empower Liberians”, Martha explains about her vision and personal ambitions.

Martha’s business has an annual turnover of 4600 USD. She hopes that her business would grow into a flourishing Liberian food business which would benefit all: “It is making a great impact already. So far I have hired four Liberians two of whom I am helping with their education. I am sure my business will grow to benefit everyone from its owner and employees to its customers.”

Martha’s business, like any other of its kind, needs time to flourish in the Liberian market. The demand and competition are among many factors that will determine the faith of ‘Samatta God’s Favor’, but Martha stays positive.

Filled with hope for a great future, she explains: “I have experienced many ups and downs since I started my business. It has survived so far. It expanded from small village market to the city markets. I see it going worldwide.”



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