Kushtrim Sogojeva

TROKIT, Kosovo

TROKIT is a full-service branding, strategic and online design agency. TROKIT individualizes their services to create unique and innovative identities for clients who want to achieve a memorable brand.

TROKIT works with medium to large size businesses that are ready to revamp their image to be more sophisticated and modern. TROKIT renovates clients’ identities so they are more suitable and presentable to connect with potential customers or clients. In addition to branding, TROKIT focus on strategic goals and monitoring marketing budgets to evolve design and increase the value of businesses.

As an award-winning international creative agency, TROKIT offers brands a breath of fresh air. From identity design to executing a marketing strategy, TROKIT supports the creation of a firm brand which will connect with potential clients.

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What is your personal ambition?

My personal ambition is to build TROKIT to be a role model company for creativity, design and innovation. We want TROKIT to remain trendy, coherent and competitive among renowned agencies around the world, and in this way offer a distinct working environment for young talents.

What impact do you see your business making?

We take pride in providing strategies which make our clients’ products and services more memorable and therefore more impactful in their respective markets. We see TROKIT as a place which speaks for people who engage in creating niche products and technologies and, in this way; we support local economies in reaching a ‘new and improved’ status. Our vision is embedded in our young staff, and their enthusiasm for applying new mediums to things that matter.

How do you see the future of your business?

TROKIT has proven itself as a successful business, in both domestic and international markets. We see ourselves growing in regional and European markets, and expanding our portfolio and credentials with new clients and a wider range of industries. Our fundamental aim is to establish ourselves as a creative agency which supports businesses and organizations with high standards of professionalism and integrity, in order to make a positive impact for employees and clients as well as the local economy and community in which we operate.

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