Annelise Nindamutsa

Best Restaurant, Burundi

Combining her love for cooking and the experience gained by her own shop in the market, Annelise Nindamutsa saw an opportunity to open a restaurant to support herself but more importantly, create a profitable business.  Born in the city of Rumonge, a city in the south of Burundi, Annelise is now the manager of BEST Restaurant, which she opened in October 2011, with the help of the rural entrepreneurship program.  Able to collect starting capital from ten business partners, she and her business partners, were able to set up a fruitful enterprise.

Best Restaurant is now a popular venue among customers.  Open every day, with business partners managing different shifts, the final profit is shared between the business partners as the end of the month.  The final aim for the partners is to create a chain of similar restaurants and cater to the growing market.



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What is your personal ambition?

In the next three years we hope to have opened other branches around the market. Then each member will be able to work every day as of today we basically get one day of profit every week.

What impact do you see your business making?

We have seen an important impact in the lives of our members, we all now have an extra income that comes from the restaurant.

How do you see the future of your business?

In the future we hope not to have one restaurant but at least three of them. In those restaurants we will be selling small packages of palm oil. We have seen it as an additional product we could sell with potentially high return.

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