Amina Caydiid

Hargeisa Tailor, Somalia

Meet Amina Caydiid; a motivated female entrepreneur, living in the bustling city of Hargeisa, Somaliland. Amina started her first business 10 years ago. Her road to success has been paved with setbacks but Amina is resilient. Despite some major obstacles, she persisted, continued to develop her skills and now owns a successful tailoring shop.


Within the first five years, Amina was forced to close down two of her businesses. However, she kept motivated and fully established her tailoring shop in 2013. This time around she had fresh energy. By introducing impressive, new designs and hiring three experienced staff-members, the shop remained stable. In order to improve her products, Amina spoke with experts who advised her to invest more in business skills.

“My business had not been growing since I started. The problem was my lack of skills within marketing and book-keeping. After knowing my problem and being supported by training, this has led me to success”.

Mentoring Entrepreneurs

In October 2016, Amina participated in a two-day business development training, as part of the LEAD programme. SPARK and Shaqadoon Organization currently assist over 600 female entrepreneurs with SME’s, who experience similar challenges to Amina. The goal of this women-led business training is to increase marketing and book-keeping skills of business owners, in order to grow local businesses and create jobs for youth.

Uniquely, during the training entrepreneurs are matched with a business coach, who works as a ‘mentor’. The mentors provide face-to-face support and development of various business skills. Amina was linked to a qualified female business coach who studied Business and Human Resource Management in Canada and returned to Somaliland in 2014 to assist the LEAD programme. Amina said: “Through the benevolent guidance and consultation I received from the business trainer, I got the opportunity to find the long awaited solution for my business”.

Jobs for Young People

Amina’s tailoring business has reaped the benefits of the training. So much so, she has been able to recruit three new staff members. The Manager, Book-keeper and Door-to-Door Marketing positions were filled by two men and one woman, all between the ages of 25-30 years old. “I have no doubt that my business will be of great value to the area and it will benefit more youth getting employment”, said Amina.

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