Afaf Abdullah Mokbel

Alfoaad Laban, Yemen

Afaf Abdullah Mokbel has recently started a business producing a yoghurt drink known as Alfoaad Laban in her home town of Taizz. Afaf had always been making Laban for her family at home but, after the business management training, which included financial training and a focus on technical skills in dairy value chain development, she began producing it for her local market. Afaf was educated until elementary grade, but dropped out of school to get married at age 13. She has three children but recently had to move back in with her paternal family after getting divorced. She needed to find a job to support her children, but was unable to find one. Living at her parents’ house the only income came from her two brothers who drive taxi motorbikes for a living. Their income from here however was unstable and needed to support her and the extended family including 16 grandchildren. It was therefore urgent that Afaf found an income. Afaf now produces a very strong product and has simplified the process after receiving the training. The yoghurt drink is in high demand, which now provides her with a daily income so Afaf can now support her family instead of being a burden. With the promise of a steady income Afaf has borrowed some money to buy a cow which will secure her supply. Afaf can now afford to buy things for herself and children so she no longer has to ask her brothers for support.

What is your personal ambition?

With the money I may from the yoghurt drink, I will continue to save until I secure fees for sewing machine training and a sewing machine in order to start up a sewing business as this is my ultimate goal.

What impact do you see your business making?

I no longer feel uneasy about the future, especially in light of the deteriorating economic situation in the country. Now, I completely rely on my business income and I am no longer obliged to look for job opportunities for living.

How do you see the future of your business?

I'm very happy, this project gave me hope. I have never expected to receive such opportunity and I'm intending to expand my business, I become more ambitious and very confidant. I hope if there are more trainings on access to the market.  

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