Transparency is of utmost importance for SPARK. We believe that beneficiaries, donors, and the general public have the right to know how we spend our resources and what the impact of our work is. Being open motivates us to improve our performance and generates discussions that provide us with valuable lessons and insights. 

Proud to be the first Dutch NGO to be IATI certified, we aim to continue and improve our transparency as our organisation develops. From our inception in 1993 we have published detailed annual and project reports. On our website you will find evaluations and financial details in relation to our various projects, such as how effective a SPARK project is, what the budget for a certain project is, and even how much SPARK Directors earn.


We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve this website or launch new initiatives that build on our transparency philosophy. Email your suggestions directly to the Directors at m.r.richter[at] and y.du.pont[at]

Access IATI SPARK datasets.

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