According to the statistics, over two million of Syrian refugees have fled from war and arrived in Turkey since the last 6 years. The Syrian refugees experience an increasing need to access to tertiary education and to the labour market to enable the process of integration in their host country and to rebuild their future.

For this aim, SPARK is currently operating as a coordination unit in Gaziantep, a Turkish south-eastern city just 97 kilometres from Aleppo, Syria. According to Turkish Authorities, nearly 15 thousand Syrian students are currently studying in different universities in Turkey. Gaziantep University hosts the biggest number of Syrian students, with 1680 students currently enrolled. As the numbers tend to grow consistently, so does the needs of Syrian students who are waiting for opportunities to make sure their educational needs are met.

SPARK has successfully signed a protocol with Council of Higher Education in Turkey in March, 2017. SPARK is currently a partner with Gaziantep University, Mustafa Kemal University and Harran University.

SPARK offers scholarship programmes, as well as civic leadership and advocacy, economic empowerment, and student services support, to over three hundred Syrian students in these universities. SPARK also offers Turkish language scholarships to 53 Syrian students under the Turkish Language Preparation Programme in TOMER (Centre of Turkish Language Teaching). SPARK is aiming to increase their scholarship programmes and additional support to Syrian students in designated higher educational institutions.


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