Occupied Palestinian Territories

The Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is a specific place in the world with tensions and conflicts that have culminated throughout the centuries. Enduring conflict between Palestinians and Israeli has divided the Palestinian Territory into three  areas: East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian Territory is formally under Israeli occupation with only partial control of Palestinian Authorities on the minor part of the territory. In the West Bank, the occupation manifests itself in extensive movement restrictions, including permits, checkpoints, roadblocks, bypass roads, and control of all imports and exports.

As a result, the Palestinian economy suffers much of these restrictions and is facing a severe fiscal crisis, high unemployment and significant number of people living under poverty line. A serious concern is the high level of youth unemployment that is accompanied by low youth participation in the labour force.

SPARK has focused all its efforts on developing a vibrant private sector in the region focusing on supporting entrepreneurs in OPT. Through our local partners, including youth organisations, women entrepreneurs associations, universities, business incubators etc. the programme supports job creation and entrepreneurship development. SPARK has recently started implementing the Dynamic Futures Programme, in partnership with Al Fakhoora. During this pilot phase, 50 full undergraduate scholarships have been awarded. SPARK will also be working with the 50 students on intensive leadership civic engagement and entrepreneurship trainings during the next four years.


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