Lebanon hosts the most refugees per capita in the world. The biggest communities are 1,5 million Syrians and 450,000 Palestinians living mainly in Beirut, South Lebanon and in the Beqaa Valley, close to Syria.

Opportunities are scarce for refugees in Lebanon, with laws restricting them from working, buying property and accessing social services. The country has become overwhelmed by this vast intake, and international organisations like SPARK are supporting young marginalized refugees by providing scholarships and entrepreneurship opportunities.  SPARK aims at breaking the cycle of aid dependency refugees are faced with; by giving educational and economic opportunities we are supporting refugees in establishing sustainable livelihoods for them, and their families.

Youth constitutes 16% of the total number of Syrian refugees, and are crucial to support to ensure a stable and growing society in the near future. A small minority of just 6 per cent of Syrian refugees aged 15-24 years are enrolled in education in Lebanon. School enrollment rates were the highest in the North, where SPARK and other INGOs are supporting the communities most affected by the war.


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