With the highest youth population in Europe, Kosovo is undergoing a post-conflict transitional phase. Its current unemployment rate is up to 45% while amongst youth, it has reached 73%.

Kosovo is mostly has citizens with an Albanian ethnic background, followed by Serbians, Turkish, RAE, Bosnian and Montenegrin ethnic minorities. The citizens of Kosovo are still striving for a joint integrated living and better economic and academic development. The situation has rather improved in South of Kosovo, while issues can still be found daily in the lives of people in the Northern city of Mitrovica, which has been divided into a Serbian majority based in the North and an Albanian majority in the South.

SPARK aims to improve higher education and entrepreneurial opportunities for youth to meet the labour market and contribute to the economic development of Kosovo. In order to do so, SPARK has, among others, started Business Start-up Centres to train youngsters on these levels.



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