Technical Assistance for Further Support to RCP-CID in its Operations


The overall objective of the project is to improve the absorption capacity of Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme through delivery of Capacity Building activities. This TA project increases capacities and skills for efficient and effective programming, management and absorption of EU IPA Funds in the Turkey RCOP. The project implements mechanisms for transferring know-how to the MoSIT RCP-CID and RCOP beneficiaries so that practical capacities for programme and project management increase. The TA provided is a combination of capacity building through advice, support and training and provision of concrete deliverables in terms of manuals and tools.

The services within this project are : revision of RCOP, publishing of calls for proposals, reviewing numbers of major project applications, revision of the manual of procedures, establishing and adopting N+3 action plans, the organisation of a number of SMC meetings, development of working tools (templates, checklists etc.), development and implementation of training and coaching plan, development of a TNA and training plan, training delivery to the staff and organisation of study visits and internships.

The project consist three main components. Firstly ‘Capacity Building and Support to RCOP Management and Implementation’, where the overall capacities within RCOP are supported. The support work of the team includes support to programming, monitoring and evaluation, QA and IA Units and the provision of training and other capacity building measures across a wide range of beneficiaries and departments.

The second component is ‘Procurement, Contract Management, Financial Management, Accounting and Control’, which provides highly focused support to the finance and contracts division. Activities under this component will assist the Finance and Contracts Department in day-to-day activities in order to ensure smooth delivery of the Operational Programme (OP) and conformity of the financial management and control systems with EC requirements; It will provide operational assistance to the divisions under the Finance and Contracts Department (FCD) on their daily tasks.

Thirdly, ‘Support to the End Recipients of the Assistance’ delivers substantial levels of assistance to the ERA’s on the ground in the target regions to ensure that IPA funds are spent according to the projects and priorities for which they were intended.


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