Migrant Entrepreneurship (MEP)

Multiple regions

SPARK offers training and coaching packages for diaspora in the Netherlands with ambitions to start a business back in their country of origin. Our project focuses on migrants from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq/Kurdistan, Ghana, Morocco and Suriname.

The training includes support with the creation of a business plan, training of entrepreneurial skills, finance, marketing and sales. After successful completion of the modules, there is a selection by an independent jury. After the selection is made, additional modules are offered – by a business coach – in accordance to the demand of the entrepreneur. For example: Product and Service Development, Extra Financial Modelling and Business Plan Writing. With intensive coaching and supervision you will go deeper into these modules and finalise your business plan. After this programme you will be ready to conduct your field research.

This small scale but crucial economic development is the backbone of peace and stability. In this programme SPARK focuses on offering a broad and comprehensive set of training modules to migrant groups; from an introductory course on entrepreneurship to self-study online; from drafting to your business plan to real market research in your country of origin. Upon full completion of the training programme and passing all required selection rounds, participants will have all the basic technical skills to become an entrepreneur and start a business! The packages are aimed at supporting individuals in migrant groups with concrete ideas to start a business in their country of origin. Be it setting up a bakery, starting a large food processing company, opening a restaurant, or becoming a business service provider; anyone with a profitable business concept aiming to start operations in their country of origin and contributing to society can apply and receive the support needed to realise their ambitions to set up a business.

In the light of economic development, migrants (diaspora) can – on return – have a large positive impact on their societies.

With newly acquired skills, knowledge and network returning migrants have the potential to kick start economic growth in their country of origin. SPARK offers young ambitious people the opportunity to fuel their entrepreneurial ambitions, develop their business skills and start a business!

The project is supported and funded by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has a duration of three years. The duration of the training (without coaching) itself varies between approximately two months and four months.