Higher Education Services (HES)

Multiple regions

HES is supporting Syrian and Palestinian refugees to enjoy access to higher education and to become community, business and national leaders of the future. This programme offers Bachelor degrees, vocational/TVET degrees, technical diplomas, and short courses scholarships to the youth in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Syria, KRG-Iraq, East Jerusalem and West Bank.

Refugees need higher education opportunities based on labour market demands. Therefore, in cooperation with several Universities, SPARK is setting up a higher vocational programme on Crisis Response and Early Recovery. The programme will enable Syrian youth to implement activities in Syria by improving their skills and educating them about reconstruction and rehabilitation strategies.

Syrians that remain in Syria are primarily concerned with food security, therefore, SPARK is setting up a higher vocational institute targeting Agri-business, Trade and Industrial Production in emergency situations. This vocational institute will both improve skills of those already working in the agri-business and will also prepare non-experienced trainees for this sector. As the forced displacement of big parts of the Syrian population led to a lack of workforce, it is crucial to empower the remaining population to address their most urgent needs.

Scholarship Scheme

With more than 400, 000 Syrians at the age of studying in, SPARK and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are addressing the lack of higher education opportunities for Syrians as well as the threat to radicalisation of youth by providing scholarships for Syrian students. Most recently, we have partnered Education Above All Foundation through the Al Fakhoora programme to ensure SPARK can reach even more youth.