Wednesday 28 November | Muziekgebouw | Amsterdam

The only event worldwide that brings together refugees, entrepreneurs, education experts, private sector, governments, academia and NGOs to improve higher education, promote sustainable economic empowerment and strengthen leadership amongst young people in fragile states.



IGNITE 2018 Report


Read through our interactive IGNITE 2018 Report with photos, videos, and links to podcasts here!



IGNITE Conference 2018


Zoom into the Ink Strategy illustration that was created with your stories, recommendations and the thoughts of the day.  


Check out the exclusive 7-part mini-series of the African Tech Roundup podcast, recorded during IGNITE.


Femi Oke

Femi Oke will be the host of IGNITE 2018. She is a...
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Sigrid Kaag

Sigrid Kaag is Dutch minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (Trade...
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Alexander Betts

Alexander Betts is Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs and William...
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Femke Halsema

Femke Halsema is the current Mayor of Amsterdam. Educated as a criminologist,...
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Kilian Kleinschmidt

Kilian Kleinschmidt is a humanitarian and refugee expert with over 25 years...
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Dania Ismail

Dania Ismail is the co-founder of Jusoor, an NGO created to harness...
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Patricia Atkinson

Patricia Atkinson is Chief Program Officer at IKEA Foundation, overseeing the Foundation’s...
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Hasan Skeiker

Hasan Skeiker is a Digital Marketing student and a tech-entrepreneur, who developed...
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What Businesses Can Do to Support Refugees

Business around the world are becoming more interested in contributing to solutions...
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Halmachu! How to Prevent Violent Extremism

In recent years many Kurdish youth have joined violent extremist groups in...
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No Internet: Mobile Solutions for Entrepreneurship

Rural entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa have long faced challenges in getting products...
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                                                            08:30-09:00 Registration
                                                            09:00-09:15 Welcome to IGNITE
                                                            09:15-09:30 Opening by Mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema
                                                            09:30-09:45 Keynote by Prof. Alexander Betts, University of Oxford
                                                            09:45-10:00 Keynote by Dr Mussa Sillah (Islamic Development Bank)
                                                            10:00-10:15 Break
                                                            10:15-10:20 Film Screening by SPARK
                                                            10:20-10:35 Talk of the Day
                                                            10:35-10:55 Interview with Sigrid Kaag
                                                             (Minister of Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation)
                                                            10:55-11:10 Talk of the Day
                                                            11:20-12:45 Workshops
                                                            12:45-13:45 Lunch
                                                            13:45-14:00 Keynote by Joachim Ruecker
                                                            14:00-14:15 Keynote by Dania Ismail, Jusoor
                                                            14:15-14:45 Startup Roadshow
                                                            14:45-15:10 Break
                                                            15:10-16:40 Workshops
                                                            16:50-17:00 Workshop Wrap Up
                                                            17:00-17:25 Startup Roadshow: Winners
                                                            17:25-17:40 Closing Ceremony
                                                            17:40-18:30 Drinks


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