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Refugee entrepreneurs in Europe talk about the challenges of being forced to move to another country and how they managed to establish their own business despite the language, economic and social obstacles. 


Ibrahim received a scholarship from SPARK & Al-Fakhoora. After studying, he wanted to give back. now he helps to teach and empower other Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Syrian refugee student, Omar, receieved a SPARK & Al Fakhoora scholarship to continue his education, this is what it meant to him:

Syrian entrepreneur, Lara, discusses how she creates jobs and empowers women through her company:

IGNITE Conference 2016

The conference tackled ‘Instability, Radicalisation and Forced Migration’:


Gacinya Teddy, a SPARK entrepreneur, made her dream of opening  one of the best schools in Rwanda, a reality:


Syrian refugee and student, Eman El Assali, graduating in Lebanon:


SPARK’s work with the entrepreneurial spirit in Liberia, produced by Life Cycle Films:


Entrepreneur, Razan Jabr, produced by Life Cycle Films:


Trade facilitation projects in the western Balkans:





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